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As a nurse and nurse practitioner

with decades of hospice and palliative care experience, I bring an insider’s view and deep knowledge base to our current health care system.  As a homecare practitioner I am acutely aware of the many challenges of managing serious illness outside of the hospital.

As a caregiver

I spent years managing my parents’ care throughout serious and terminal illnesses while trying to keep my own life afloat.   It is a humbling experience known to many but rarely discussed.

Walk with Walking Aid

As a health coach

I see the gaps in our health care system.  I work with clients who feel isolated, lost and frustrated with questions that go unasked or unanswered.

As your health coach

we can explore the what’s possible during the chaos of serious illness.


health and well-being coach

I am a certified Health and Well-Being Coach from the Duke Medicine Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Program.  Prior to health coaching I was an officer and nurse in the United States Navy.  After working in local hospitals, I turned my attention to the law and worked as an advocate and national spokesperson championing the use of advance directives.

Although I do not give medical advice or diagnose, as your health coach, we can explore what’s possible as you navigate the maze of serious illness.

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