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Anna M. Moretti, RN, NP
Certified health and well-being coach


Being there for you

Transitions in Health Coaching, LLC is health coaching focused on discovering what matters most to you and your caregivers as you navigate the maze of chronic and serious illness.

About Transitions

Welcome To transitions in health

Together we create a plan focused on preserving quality of life, navigating resources and exploring the next steps based on your goals.

A serious illness like cancer, ALS, heart failure, COPD, and Parkinson’s disease can be complicated and confusing.  Clients (and their caregivers) often leave the hospital or rehabilitation setting feeling overwhelmed and lost.  Despite a discharge plan and a list of medications, transitioning to your “new” life can be full of new challenges.


with clients…

How I work

Using a proven coaching process model, we can face new challenges and figure out how you and your caregivers will balance the transition in health . . . 

During a new diagnosis by...

When living with a chronic/serious illness by…

At end of life by...

When living as a caregiver by...

  1. Moving from “now what?”  to action steps

  2. Creating communication strategies with your medical team

  3. Creating medication management strategies

  4. Identifying resources

  1. Creating strategies to improve health and well-being during acute and chronic stages

  2. Cultivating self- management routines

  3. Recognizing and preparing for disease progression

  4. Discussing advance care planning

  1. Exploring the resources at the end stage of disease that best fits your goals of care

  2. Creating an advance directive that documents your choices, values and beliefs

  3. Communicating end of life choices to your caregivers and medical team

  1. Cultivating self-care strategies

  2. Creating communication strategies when working with hired caregivers

  3. Creating communication strategies with the medical team

  4. Identifying resources

  • What is health and well-being?
    The concepts of health and well-being are supported by years of research and use of models. Although they vary in small ways, the theories support looking at each of us… LOOKING AT YOU… in a “whole person” or “holistic” kind of way. Our health and well-being is a combination of the many parts of our lives AND how those parts come together day in and day out. By parts I mean: your activity, your mental health, your nutrition and your sleep…just to name a few. Many people are not exactly sure when they are “healthy” or “not healthy.” When the balance of all the different parts of your life is off, you feel off.
  • What is a health and well-being coach?
    Think of a coach as a partner in figuring out the “how to” in a specific area of your life. Just like a math tutor would help you approach a tricky math equation; a health and well-being coach helps you create a path between knowing what you need to do (have to do) to creating the steps to doing it. It’s not about willpower. It is about creating new patterns and habits that can fit into your life.
  • Why would I use a health and well-being coach while I am dealing with a serious or terminal illness?
    Nothing is more isolating than being diagnosed with a disease that upends every aspect of your life. A heart attack, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, or cancer are life changing for you and your loved ones. Now what? As a client working with me as your health coach, you are ready to create change towards improving your well-being during serious illness. This could mean creating self- management routines by putting your discharge instructions into action, or managing your symptoms to improve your quality of life through better medication management and activity pacing. As your health coach, I can help you create the path and plan that focuses on what you want to manage. Better medication adherence, better movement, improved activity tolerance, planning for worsening disease, better resource management and planning for progression of disease are all part of serious illness. Focusing on these areas can help you (and your caregivers) gain some balance throughout your journey with serious illness. You are still a “whole” person. The holistic approach still applies to you!

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